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Petroleum Engineering Minor

Minor in Petroleum Engineering

For undergraduates interested in Petroleum Engineering, a Bachelor's Degree of Science in Chemical or Mechanical Engineering may be obtained with an emphasis in  Petroleum Engineering. In addition, a Minor in Petroleum Engineering is available to other Science or Engineer majors.

A minor in petroleum engineering consisting of 16 required units is available to undergraduate majors in various fields of engineering and applied science. Besides preparing  for graduate study in petroleum engineering, the program will prepare  students for careers in areas of national need such as the exploration,  recovery and production of subterranean resources, and the underground  disposal of hazardous wastes.

Prerequisite courses:

MATH 125, MATH 126, MATH 226, MATH 245, PHYS 151L and CHEM 105aL

Required courses


PTE 461

Formation Evaluation


PTE 462

Economic, Risk and Formation Productivity Analysis


PTE 463L

Introduction to Transport Processes in Porous Media


PTE 464L

Petroleum Reservoir Engineering


PTE 465L

Drilling  Technology and Subsurface Methods