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Behnam Jafarpour

Associate Professor 

Research Topics

  • Stochastic Subsurface Description and Modeling
  • Sparse/Compact Representation and Estimation Methods
  • Inverse Modeling and Uncertainty Quantification
  • Field Development Optimization (Energy/Environmental Resources)
  • Applied Signal Processing and System Analysis
  • Research Overview

    I am interested in understanding, characterizing, and predicting subsurface flow and transport processes with the goal of enhancing our ability to effectively develop underground energy, hydrological, and environmental resources. Research in my group integrates advanced computational and mathematical tools with the physics of multiphase flow in porous media to solve energy and environmental problems in geosciences. Examples of energy and environmental applications that we study include hydrocarbon and geothermal energy recovery, groundwater flow and transport, and geologic CO2 storage systems.
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    Selected Publications

    Bhark E., Jafarpour B., Datta-Gupta A. (2011): “A generalized grid-connectivity-based parameterization for subsurface flow data assimilation", Water Resources Research, 47, W06517, 32 PP.

    Bhark E., Jafarpour B., Datta-Gupta A. (2011): “An adaptively scaled frequency-domain parameterization for history matching", Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, 75(3-4),289-303.

    Jafarpour B., Tarrahi M. (2011): “Assessing the performance of the ensemble Kalman filter for subsurface flow data integration under variogram uncertainty", Water Resources Research, 47, W05537, 26 PP.

    Jafarpour B., Khodabakhshi M. (2011): “A probability conditioning method (PCM) for integration of nonlinear flow data into facies simulation from a training image", Mathematical Geosciences, 43(2), 133-164.

    Anchliya A., Economidies C.E., Jafarpour B. (2010): “Aquifer management to accelerate CO2 dissolution and trapping", Society of Petroleum Engineers Journal, accepted.

    Jafarpour B. (2010): “Wavelet reconstruction of geologic facies from nonlinear dynamic flow measurements", IEEE Transactions on Geosciences and Remote Sensing, 49(5), 1520-1535.

    Li L., Jafarpour B. (2010): “A sparse Bayesian framework for conditioning uncertain geologic models to nonlinear flow measurements", Advances in Water Resources, 33(9),1024-1042, DOI:10.1016/j.advwatres.2010.06.005.

    Li L., Jafarpour B. (2010): “Effective solution of nonlinear subsurface flow inverse problems in sparse bases", Inverse Problems, 26(10),105016 (24pp).

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