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kristian jessen

Kristian Jessen

Associate Professor 


Research Topics

My research activities combine modeling, simulation and experimental work to explain and understand the fundamentals of multiphase multicomponent flow and mass transfer in porous materials. My goal is to advance the fundamental knowledge of these complex processes in the context of enhanced oil and gas recovery from conventional and unconventional resources, and carbon sequestration in geological formations.

Selected Publications

Shojaei, H., Rastegar, R. and Jessen, K: “Mixing and Mass Transfer in Multicontact Miscible Displacements”, Transport in Porous Media, 2012, Volume 94, Number 3, Pages 837-857

Jamshidi, M. and Jessen, K: “Water production in enhanced coalbed methane operations”, Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, Volumes 92–93, August 2012, Pages 56-64

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Liu, Z., Jessen, K. and Tsotsis, T: “Optimization of In-Situ Combustion Processes: A Parameter Space Study Towards Reducing the CO2 Emissions”, Chemical Engineering Science, Vol. 66(12), p.2723-2733, 2011.

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Rastegar, R. and Jessen, K: “Measurement and Modeling of Liquid-Liquid Equilibrium for Ternary and Quaternary Mixtures of Water, Methanol, 2-Propanol, and 2,2,4-Trimethylpentane at 293.2 K”, Journal of Chemical and Engineering Data, doi: 10.1021/je100916h, December, 2010.

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