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Atul Konkar

Atul Konkar

Assistant Professor

Research Topics

Research Overview

Structure-Property relationship of nanoscale materials, surfaces, and interfaces

Research the fundamental structure-property relationship in nanoscale materials/structures composed of semiconductors and their interfaces with soft organic materials; apply the understanding towards synthesis of devices useful for the manipulation of information and energy.

  1. Defect engineering in semiconductor nanocrystals and quantum dots: Study the structural nature of extended defects and their impact on the properties. Identify mechanisms for defect formation and apply principles of defect engineering to exploit their beneficial properties.
  2. Interfacing of organic materials with single crystal semiconductor surfaces: Synthesize and examine the nature of interface formed between semiconductor surface and organic materials via nanoscale structural and electrical characterization techniques.
    Facilities: A Philips 420 analytical electron microscope for combined nanoscale structural/chemical studies and an Akashi 002B transmission electron microscope for high resolution electron microscopy is available in CEMMA. Synthesis/fabrication facilities and instrumentation for nanoscale electrical studies in Dr. Konkar’s group are being designed/constructed/acquired.
    Recent Publications: