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Steven R. Nutt

M.C. Gill Professor

Director, Gill Composites Center


Research Topics

  • Lightweight materials and structures
  • Mechanical behavior of composites
  • Manufacturing science for composites
  • Interfacial phenomena
  • Acoustic metamaterials for noise control
Research Overview

  • Composites for energy infrastructure - Long-term aging and progressive damage simulations of pultruded composites for next–generation power lines
  • Non-autoclave processing of composites - Control of porosity and defects in out–of-autoclave prepregs for aerospace composite laminates
  • High-temperature response of composites - Behavior of composites under rapid transient heating, including failure mechanisms and computational modeling intended to translate to design tools for hypersonic airframe components
  • Acoustic metamaterials - Measurement and computer simulation of noise transmission loss and acoustic/vibration damping in 2D membrane-type metamaterials. The objective is the design of a new generation of grid or sandwich panels with improved transmission and damping characteristics for noise reduction in air and land vehicles
  • Polymer nanocomposites - Synthesis of nanoclay and nanotube reinforced polymers with improved mechanical properties. Applications include improved damping characteristics and shape memory characteristics through improved understanding of processing-structure relations
  • Metallic cellular materials - Synthesis and properties of metallic foams metallic glass egg-crate structures for sandwich core applications and energy absorption
Selected Publications

2010 (12)

J-165 “Single-Layer Graphene Nanosheets with Controlled Grafting of Polymer Chains” M Fang, H Lu, Y Yang, and S Nutt, J Amer Chem Soc 20 (2010) 1982-1992. DOI

 J-164 “Vitreous carbon micro-lattice structures” A.J. Jacobsen, S. Mahoney, W.B. Carter, and S. Nutt, Carbon 49 (2010) 1025-1032. DOI

J-163 “Diffusivity and climatic simulation of hybrid foams” A. Desai, M.V. Alonso, and S.R. Nutt, J. Cellular Plast. 46 [5] (2010) 461-478. DOI

J-162 “Transmission loss and dynamic response of membrane-type locally resonant acoustic metamaterials” C Naify, C-M Chang, G McKnight, and S Nutt, J Appl Phys 108 (2010) 114905-912. DOI

J-161 “Transmission loss of honeycomb sandwich structures with attached gas layers" Christina Naify, Changzheng Huang, Matthew Sneddon, and Steven Nutt, J Applied Acoustics 72 [2-3] (2010) 71-77 DOI

J-160 “Void formation in composite prepregs – effect of dissolved moisture” L Grunenfelder and SR Nutt, Compos Sci & Tech 70 [16] (2010) 2304-09. DOI

J-159 “Effect of grain size on strain rate sensitivity of cryomilled Al-Mg alloy” B. Ahn, R Mitra, EJ Lavernia, SR Nutt, J Mater Sci 45 (2010) 4790-4795. DOI

J-158 “High strain rate deformation and resultant damage mechanisms in ultrafine-grained aluminum matrix composites” R. Vogt, Z. Zhang, E. Huskins, B. Ahn, S. Nutt, K.T. Ramesh, E.J. Lavernia, J.M. Schoenung Mater Sci & Engrg A 527 (2010) 5990-5996. DOI

J-157 “Glass transition temperature changes of polymer nanocomposites comprised of finely dispersed ZnO quantum dots” M. Wong, R. Tsuji, H.J. Sue, and S. Nutt, Soft Matter 6 (2010) 4482-4490. DOI

J-156 “Effects of organophilic modified attapulgite nano-rods on thermal and mechanical behavior of segmented polyurethane elastomers” C-H. Wang, Y-T Shieh, G. Guo, S. Nutt Polymer Composites 31[11]1890-1898 (2010). DOI

J-155 “Modeling of hybrid composite foam” A. Desai, V. Alonso, and S.R. Nutt, J. Cell. Plast. 46 (2010) 113-128. DOI

J-154 “Predicting the sound transmission loss of sandwich panels by statistical energy analysis approach” T. Wang, S. Li, S. Rajaram, S.R. Nutt, J Vibration & Acoustics, 132 [1] (2010). DOI

2009 (15)

J-153 “Covalent Polymer Functionalization of Graphene Nanosheets and Mechanical Properties of Composites” M. Fang, K. Wang, H. Lu, Y. Yang, and S. R. Nutt, J. Mater. Chem. 19 (2009) 7098-7105. DOI

J-152 “Measurements of loss factors of honeycomb sandwich structures” P. Peters, M. Sneddon, and S.R. Nutt, Noise Control Engrg J. 57 [1] (2009) 27-31. DOI

J-151 “Tensile Deformation and Fracture Mechanism of Bulk Bimodal Ultrafine Grained Al-Mg Alloy" Zonghoon Lee, Velimir Radmilovic, Byungmin Ahn, Enrique Lavernia, and Steve Nutt, Met. Trans. A (2009) 795-801. DOI

J-150 “The effects of soft-segment molecular weight and organic modifier on properties of organic-modified MMT-PU nanocomposites” C-H Wang, Y-T Shieh, and S. Nutt, J. App. Polymers 114 (2009) 1025-1032. DOI

J-149 “Carbon nanotube reinforced acoustically transparent epoxy nanocomposites for underwater sonar windows” W. Chen, S. Rajaram, S. Thomas, and S.R. Nutt, J. Adv. Mater. 41 [3] (2009) 5-17.

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J-142 “Enhancing the specific strength and specific stiffness of phenolic microsphere syntactic foams reinforced with carbon fibers” Yi-Jen Huang, Chia-Hao Wang, Yu-Lin Huang, Gangjian Guo, and S.R. Nutt, Polymer Compos. 31 [2] (2009) 256-262 DOI

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2008 (15)

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