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Muhammad Sahimi

NIOC Professor 




Research Topics

Small-Scale Porous Media and Materials

Fabrication of Nano-porous Inorganic Membranes for Separation and Purification of Mixtures (in collaboration with Professor T. T. Tsotsis)

Development of Reactive Force Fields for Molecular Dynamics Simulations Using Quantum-Mechanical Calculations and Density-Functional Theory

Molecular Dynamics, Monte Carlo, and Pore-Network Simulation of Adsorption, Flow and Transport

Fluid Flow and Transport in Deformable Porous Media

Nanostructured Materials

Fabrication of Silicon-Carbide Nanotubes

Flow and Adsorption in Silicon-Carbide Nanotubes

Polymer-Nanotubes Composites and Foams

Fabrication of High-Porosity Porous Materials

Biological Molecules in Confined Media

Protein Folding

Protein Aggregation and Fibril Formation

Dynamics of Biological Molecules

Large-Scale Porous Media 

Characterization and Modeling, Including Multiple-Point Geostatistical Simulation and Reconstruction Methods

Modeling and Simulation of Fluid Flow and Transport

Fractured Porous Media

Characterization and Modeling of Fracture Networks

Modeling of Fluid Flow and Transport

Analysis of Micro Seismicity and its Relation with the Structure of the Fracture Network

Wave Propagation

Selected Publications

Flow and Transport in Porous Media and Fractured Rock, 2nd edition (Wiley-VCH, Weinheim, 2011).

Heterogeneous Materials, Volume I: Linear Transport and Optical Properties (Springer, New York, 2003).

Heterogeneous Materials, Volume II: Nonlinear and Breakdown Properties and Atomistic Modeling (Springer, New York, 2003).

Applications of Percolation Theory (Taylor & Francis, London, 1994); 2nd edition in preparation.

Recent Papers

Small-Scale Porous Media and Materials: Experimental

H.-C. Lee, M. Monji, D. Parsley, M. Sahimi, P. Liu, F. Egolfopoulos, and T. T. Tsotsis, Use of Steam Activation as a Post-Treatment Technique in the Preparation of Carbon Molecular Sieve Membranes, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 52, 1122 (2013).

N. Shokri and M. Sahimi, The Structure of Drying Fronts in Three-Dimensional Porous Media, Physical Review E 85, 066312 (2012).

N. Shokri, M. Sahimi, and D. Or, Morphology, Propagation Dynamics and Scaling Characteristics of Drying Fronts in Porous Media, Geophysical Research Letters 39, L09401 (2012).

T. W. Kim, M. Sahimi, and T. T. Tsotsis, Hybrid Hydrotalcite-Sulfonated Poly (ether ether ketone) Cation-Exchange Membranes Prepared by in situ Sulfonation, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 50, 3880 (2011).

M. Dadwhal, M. Sahimi, and T. T. Tsotsis, Adsorption Isotherms of Arsenic on Conditioned Layered Double Hydroxide in the Presence of Various Competing Ions, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 50, 2220 (2011).

Small-Scale Porous Media and Materials: Modeling and Simulation

P. Tahmasebi and M. Sahimi, Cross-Correlation Function for Accurate Reconstruction of Heterogeneous Media, Physical Review Letters 110, 078002 (2013).

S. Naserifar, L. Liu, W. A. Goddard, T. T. Tsotsis, and M. Sahimi, Toward a Process-Based Molecular Model of SiC Membranes. 1. Development of a Reactive Force Field, Journal of Physical Chemistry C 117, 3308 (2013).

\S. Naserifar, W. A. Goddard, L. Liu, T. T. Tsotsis, and M. Sahimi, Toward a Process-Based Molecular Model of SiC Membranes. 2. Reactive Dynamics Simulation of the Pyrolysis of Polymer Precursor to Form Amorphous SiC, Journal of Physical Chemistry C 117, 3320 (2013).

P. Tahmasebi and M. Sahimi, Reconstruction of Three-Dimensional Porous Media using a Single Thin Section, Physical Review E 85, 066709 (2012).

F. Ghasemi, M. Sahimi, M. R. Rahimi Tabar, and J. Peinke, Multiscale Probability Distribution of Pressure Fluctuations in Fluidized Beds, Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and SimulationP07008 (2012).

M. Sahimi, Dispersion in Porous Media, Continuous-Time Random Walks, and Percolation, Physical Review E 85, 016316 (2012).

Nanostructured Materials

G. Amaral-Labat, M. Sahimi, A. Pizzi, V. Fierro, and A. Celzard, Mechanical Properties of Heat-Treated Organic Foams, Physical Review E 87, 032156 (2013).

M. Khademi and M. Sahimi, Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Pressure-Driven Water Flow in Silicon-Carbide Nanotubes, Journal of Chemical Physics 135, 204509 (2011).

E. Nedaaee Oskoee and M. Sahimi, Electric Currents in Networks of Interconnected Memristors, Physical Review E 83, 031105 (2011).

R. Mourhatch, T.T. Tsotsis, and M. Sahimi, Determination of the True Pore Size Distribution by Flow Permporometry Experiments: An Invasion Percolation Algorithm, Journal of Membrane Science 367, 53 (2010).

F. Shayeganfar, L. Javidpour, N. Taghavinia, M. R. Rahimi Tabar, M. Sahimi, and F. Bagheri-Tar, Controlled Nucleation and Growth of CdS Nanoparticles by Turbulent Flow, Physical Review E 81, 026304 (2010).

K. Malek and M. Sahimi, Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Adsorption and Diffusion of Gases in Silicon-Carbide Nanotubes, Journal of Chemical Physics 132, 014310 (2010).

Biological Molecules in Confined Media

T. Jadidi, M. Anvari, A. Mashaghi, M. Sahimi, and M.R. Rahimi Tabar, Vibrational Lifetimes of Hydrated Phospholipids, Europhysics Letters 102, 28008 (2013).

L. Javidpour and M. Sahimi, Confinement in Nanopores can Destabilize alpha-Helix Folding Proteins and Stabilize the beta Structures,'' Journal of Chemical Physics 135, 125101 (2011).

R. Mazaheri, A. H. Shirazi, N. Saeedi, G. R. Jafari, and M. Sahimi, Differentiating the Protein- and RNA-Coding Segments of DNA Using Shannon Entropy, International Journal of Modern Physics C 21, 1 (2010).

L. Javidpour, M. R. Rahimi Tabar, and M. Sahimi, Molecular Simulations of Protein Dynamics in Nanopores. II. Diffusion, Journal of Chemical Physics 130, 085105 (2009).

R. H. Abdolvahab, F. Roshani, N. Nourmohammad, M. Sahimi, and M. R. Rahimi Tabar, Analytical and Numerical Studies of Sequence Dependence of Passage Times for Translocation of Heterobiopolymer Through Nanopores, Journal of Chemical Physics 129, 235102 (2008).

Large-Scale Porous Media 

P. Tahmasebi, M. Sahimi, G. Mariethoz, and A. Hezarkhani, Accelerating Geostatistical Simulations using Graphics Processing Units (GPU), Computers & Geosciences 46, 51 (2012).

P. Tahmasebi, A. Hezarkhani, and M. Sahimi, Multiple-Point Geostatistical Modeling Based on the Cross-Correlation Functions, Computational Geosciences 16, 779 (2012).

H. Li, S. J. Qin, T. T. Tsotsis, and M. Sahimi, Computer Simulation of Gas Generation and Transport in Landfills. VI. Dynamic Updating of the Model Using the Ensemble Kalman Filter, Chemical Engineering Science 74, 69 (2012).

H. Dashtian, G. R. Jafari, Z. Koohi Lai, M. Masihi, and M. Sahimi, Analysis of Cross Correlations between Well Logs of Hydrocarbon Reservoirs, Transport in Porous Media 90, 445 (2011).

G. R. Jafari, M. Sahimi, M. R. Rasaei, and M. R. Rahimi Tabar, Analysis of Porosity Distribution of Large-Scale Porous Media and Their Reconstruction by Langevin Equation, Physical Review E 83, 026309 (2011).

Fractured Porous Media

T. A. Tafti, M. Sahimi, F. Aminzadeh, and C. G. Sammis, Use of Microseismicity for Determining the Structure of the Fracture Network of Large-Scale Porous Media, Physical Review E 87, 032152 (2013).

M. Ansari-Rad, S. M. Vaez Allaei, and M. Sahimi, Nonuniversality of Roughness Exponent of Quasi-Static Fracture Surfaces, Physical Review E 85, 021121 (2012).

A. Yazdi, H. Hamzehpour, and M. Sahimi, Permeability, Porosity, and Percolation Properties of Two-Dimensional Disordered Fracture Networks, Physical Review E 84, 046317 (2011).

P. Manshour, F. Ghasemi, T. Matsumoto, J. G\'omez, M. Sahimi, J. Peinke, A.F. Pacheco, and M.R. Rahimi Tabar, Anomalous Fluctuations of Vertical Velocity of Earth and their Possible Implications for Earthquakes, Physical Review E 82, 036105 (2010).

M. Sahimi, R. Darvishi, M. Haghighi, and M. R. Rasaei, Upscaled Unstructured Grids for Efficient Simulation of Flow in Fractured Reservoirs, Transport in Porous Media 83, 195 (2010).

M. Sahimi, M. R. Rahimi Tabar, A. Bahraminasab, R. Sepehrinia, and S. M. Vaez Allaei, Propagation and Localization of Acoustic and Elastic Waves in Heterogeneous Materials: Renormalization Group Analysis and Numerical Simulations, Acta Mechanica 205, 197 (2009).

P. Manshoor, S. Saberi, M. Sahimi, J. Peinke, A. F. Pacheco, and M. R. Rahimi Tabar, Turbulencelike Behavior of Seismic Time Series, Physical Review Letters 102, 014101 (2009).