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Don Zhang elected to NAE  
February 09, 2017
Mork Family Department of Chemical Engineering / Sonny Astani Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering professor recognized for pioneering work in stochastic modeling of flow in porous media.
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The Modern Alchemist  
February 07, 2017
Jayakanth Ravichandran seeks to employ overlooked elements of the periodic table for use in future technologies.
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A Digital Underground  
January 19, 2017
A new research center at USC Viterbi will tackle some “deep” science to improve how natural resources are detected and extracted.
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Spring 2016 USC Viterbi Magazine  
April 28, 2016
Check out the latest issue of our digital magazine!
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Discovery Channel: Even Superman Couldn't Bend this Steel  
April 27, 2016
Research by Veronica Eliasson and Andrea Hodge and colleagues on a material, known as bulk metallic glass was featured.
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San Francisco Chronicle: Study: Oil field Operations Caused California Earthquakes  
March 10, 2016
Research by Fred Aminzadeh and Mehran Hosseini finding a link between earthquakes in Kern County and wastewater injections in the region was featured.
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OCEC Faculty, Programs and Students Sweep the 2016 the OCEC 2016 Awards.  
March 02, 2016
Maja Mataric, Kelly Sanders, Andrea Armani, Azad Madni, Idania Takimoto, Radhul Ranith and the DEN program were honored
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Faculty Profile: Nicholas Graham  
November 30, 2015
Meet new faculty member and Assistant Professor at the Mork Family Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, Nicholas Graham and learn about his research in cancer cell signaling and metabolism!
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Faculty Profile: Jayakanth Ravichandran  
November 02, 2015
Meet new faculty member and Assistant Professor at the Mork Family Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, Jayakanth Ravichandran and learn more about his interests in efficient energy usage.
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Al Jazeera: Problems and Solutions for Plastic Waste  
June 10, 2015
Steven Nutt discusses the impact of non-renewable plastics disposal
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Aaron St. Clair and Simin Mehrabani Receive the 2015 Viterbi Undergraduate Mentoring Award  
May 08, 2015
Ph.D. students Aaron St. Clair and Simin Mehrabani are recognized for their dedication to assisting undergraduate students and are awarded the Viterbi Undergraduate Mentoring Award
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USC Trustee Ray Irani Donates $20 Million to University  
March 10, 2015
Judge Widney Professor of Chemical Engineering endows faculty chairs, student support and housing
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Korea Times: Inha University Elects USC Viterbi Alumna President  
March 03, 2015
Chemical engineering alumna Choe Soon-ja is elected as the first woman president of Inha University
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Materials 360 Online: Microfluidic Systems in a Snap  
October 14, 2014
Noah Malmstadt and Krisna Bhargava create LEGO-like blocks to build microfluidic systems
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World Economic Forum: 2014 Meeting of New Champions in Tianjin, China  
September 09, 2014
Andrea Armani participates as a Young Scientist in WEF's annual meeting
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MIT News: Identifying Chemical Modifications in Cancer  
August 14, 2014
Andrea Armani comments on identifying epigenetic modifications to improve patient treatment
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TechLi: Making Urban Farming Easier  
May 07, 2014
USC Viterbi alumni start-up works to make farming more efficient and economical
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Phys.org: Materials Design Lessons from the Mantis Shrimp  
April 23, 2014
Steven Nutt studies the structure of the mantis shrimp's club to improve composite materials
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Andrea Hodge Receives Honorary Doctoral Degree from Northwestern  
April 22, 2014
Andrea Hodge to give John E. Hillard Memorial Lecture on May 15
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USC Acquires New Super-Resolution Microscope  
March 10, 2014
USC Viterbi faculty spearheaded acquisition of one of the world's most advanced microscopes
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Farm and Dairy: Grow More with Less  
February 26, 2014
Student Sanjay Rajpoot launches hydroponics company
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La Opinion Covers the  
October 01, 2013
Andrea Hodge encourages kids to use their imagination for engineering
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USC Viterbi's Andrea Armani Named in PopSci's 'Brilliant Ten'  
September 18, 2013
Chemical Engineering's Andrea Armani is recognized for inventing new scientific tools
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Fast Lecture Series: How Solar Cells Work  
September 04, 2013
A stop-motion animated explanation of solar cells
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The Verge Covers New Technique to See Live Changes in Neurons  
August 22, 2013
USC Viterbi-USC Dornsife research team view changes to neurons in real time
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Friendly Competition Fuels Student Interest in Energy  
August 01, 2013
High school students participate in 2013 USC/Chevron Frontiers of Energy Resources Summer Camp
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2013 Undergraduate Viterbi Awards  
May 16, 2013
Students recognized for outstanding academic achievement, leadership and service
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Seeing With Lasers  
April 18, 2013
Dr. Andrea Armani, a chemical engineering professor in the USC Viterbi School of Engineering, is able to peer into the molecular world of reactions by using lasers.
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NAE Awards one of only two Grainger Grants this year to Andrea Armani  
March 28, 2013
The Grainger Grants give Frontiers of Engineering participants the opportunity to pursue ideas stimulated at the U.S. FOE symposium and allow for collaboration and the execution of innovative projects aimed at improving our quality of life.
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Star on a Ballistic Trajectory  
January 25, 2013
Assistant Professor Andrea Hodge, two-time AFOSR Young Investigator, discusses her meteoric rise as an engineer.
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ASEE Prism Asks,  
January 23, 2013
Dean Yannis C. Yortsos Lends Expert Observations on U.S.'s "Reverse Brain Drain" Conundrum
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Spring 2013: Happy New Year  
January 07, 2013
Happy New Year Message to the Viterbi family of students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends!
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2012 Acta Materiala Gold Medal  
October 05, 2012
Professor Terence G. Langdon is the winner of the 2012 Acta Materialia Gold Medal. This prestigious award, which is selected by a panel of international judges, recognizes major contributions and leadership in Materials Science.
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Andrea Armani, Brian Gerkey Selected to Participate in NAE's 2012 U.S. Frontiers of Engineering Symposium  
July 23, 2012
USC Viterbi Professor Armani and Alumnus Gerkey '03 will be among 78 of "the nation's brightest young engineers" taking part in the 18th annual symposium this September.
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April 06, 2012
Dean Yortsos discusses Moore's Law, quantum computing, and the future of USC Viterbi in his sit-down conversation with the campus television station.
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A Smart Oilfield Technology Q&A with Iraj Ershagi  
February 08, 2012
The Director of USC's Petroleum Engineering Program talks to USC Viterbi alums at Saudi Aramco.
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MFD Professor Terry Langdon wins 2012 Acta Materilia Gold Medal  
November 05, 2011
This prestigious honor, awarded annually to a top researcher in Materials Science, recognizes Langdon's leadership in the field and impressive record of high-impact publications.
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How Andrea Armani's Group Probes Polymers  
October 04, 2011
The Mork Department professor's highly sensitive, non-destructive method of measuring optical and mechanical properties of thin films is featured in Plastics Engineering
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Global Research Report on Materials Science Places USC Engineering Among World's Best  
August 11, 2011
Mork Department publications ranked #7 internationally in Thomson-Reuters citation impact study
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Viterbi Scientist's Label Virus Could Become an AIDS Treatment  
August 09, 2011
Pin Wang of the Mork Department has developed a lentiviral vector that latches onto HIV-infected cells, targeting these cells for drugs to hunt them down
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John and Julie Mork Make Historic $110 Million Donation to Fund Undergraduate Scholarships  
April 27, 2011
John Mork, Viterbi alumnus and member of the Board of Councilors, and his family make a transformational gift
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Dean Yortsos Moderates National Academies Earth Sciences and Resources Board Roundtable  
April 17, 2011
"A GRAND CHALLENGE: Sustainable Natural Resources Development on a Small Planet"
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From Memphis to the Viterbi School to a White House PECASE Award Ceremony  
January 04, 2011
Andrea Armani's hometown paper, the Commercial Appeal, traces the young Mork Department professor's career back to its inception in the class of a charismatic female science teacher
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The Grand Challenge of Innovation  
October 07, 2010
Dean Yannis Yortsos pens an oped article on the NAE Grand Challenges, the X-Prize and innovation.
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SAIC Donates $500,000 to Viterbi School  
June 28, 2010
Science Applications International Corporation gift will support STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering Math) educational programs
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Andrew Viterbi to Receive IEEE Medal of Honor in Montreal  
June 16, 2010
The namesake of the Viterbi School leads the list of USC honorees at the June 26 ceremonies
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Smart Petroleum Expert Iraj Eshaghi Discusses Offshore Drilling Issues on KCAL  
May 13, 2010
California offshore fields are much shallower and lower pressure than the Gulf, and not drilling means more tanker spills.
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USC Researcher Simulates  
March 12, 2010
Work by Priya Vashista (CS, Mork) reported in ScienceNews opens possibilities for energy production and storage
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Viterbi School Associate Dean Profiled in <i>The New Yorker</i>  
October 29, 2009
"Born in Belgrade, in what was then Yugoslavia, Maja Matarić originally wanted to study languages and art," begins a 5000-word feature entitled "Robots That Care." The ending: "But robotic interaction should not replace human interaction," she said. "It should only improve it."
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Lessons of the Samoan Tsunami  
October 05, 2009
Sophisticated warning systems are crucial, says Astani Department specialist Costas Synolakis in a WSJ opinion piece, but educating people in risk areas is equally important, and "the lesson that education saves lives has apparently been lost to emergency managers world-wide."
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Martin Gundersen Assists in  
September 17, 2009
The Mork Family Department professor's role in the Catalyst Workshop, a DOD-funded effort to train scientists and engineers as screenwriter/directors, is explored in an L.A. Times feature about the first film to come out of the program.
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September 04, 2009
P. Daniel Dapkus of the Hsieh Department and Professor of Chemistry Mark Thompson discuss the research plans for the Energy Frontiers Research Center for Emerging Materials for Solar Energy Conversion and Solid State Lighting, recently funded by the U.S. Department of Energy/ (Video)
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Dongxiao Zhang Recognized with GSA Fellowship for his Outstanding Contributions in Geologic Research  
August 31, 2009
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Weeklong USC Workshop Welcomes Minorities to the World of Computing  
July 15, 2009
A joint Viterbi School/College project directed by Priya Vashishta of the Mork Department reaches out to engage underrepresented communities.
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Daily Trojan Features Engineers Without Borders Water Project  
February 02, 2009
The Viterbi School chapter says work on a new water system in two small Honduran towns could begin this spring.
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Theodore Tsotsis Invited Speaker at University of Houston's Luss Lectures  
January 30, 2009
The Viterbi School's Robert E. Vivian Professor of Energy Resources and Chair of the Mork Family Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science spoke and participated in a two-day program honoring U-H's Dan Luss
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When Viterbi Met Keck  
October 21, 2008
More than 100 faculty from USC’s medical and engineering schools spent a weekend together Oct. 17-19, exploring opportunities for enhanced collaboration.
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Journal of Petroleum Technology Extols Viterbi School's  
October 02, 2008
A guest editorial by a Schlumberger executive quotes the Mork Department's Iraj Ershaghi and praises "innovative programs, such as those offered at USC," as key to "a major transformation" in the industry
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<I>Spotlight on Science</I> Interviews Mork Department's Priya Vashishta  
July 08, 2008
The first issue of the new electronic newsletter produced by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency features a Q&A with the director of the USC Collaboratory for Advanced Computing and Simulations, both on his work creating supermaterials and on general WMD defense basic research priorities.
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Viterbi School Expert Educates CNN Audiences on L.A.'s Oil Potential  
June 26, 2008
Iraj Ershaghi of the Mork Family Department discussed the potential for increasing production from the 9-billion-barrel oil field that lies under Southern California.
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Los Angeles Times Sheds Light on Indian Community at USC  
May 20, 2008
The newspaper portrays the Viterbi School as the destination for "an academic tidal wave from the Indian Ocean," thanks to its excellent overseas reputation, outreach trips and welcoming campus environment. The article spotlights Indian Student Association president Guarav Kumar, Senior Associate Dean Cauligi Raghavendra and others.
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November 23, 2007
In a Houston Chronicle opinion essay, Viterbi Dean Yannis C. Yortsos argues for urgently increased federal funding supporting basic research in energy.
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September 11, 2007
The Brazilian science magazine Galileu's September issue includes a Q&A with Najmedin Meshkati of the Daniel J. Epstein Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, discussing issues ranging from Iran's nuclear program to quake-prone Japanese nuclear reactors to recent Brazilian air and oil platform disasters. (in Portuguese)
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Viterbi dean discusses energy prospects at Society of Petroleum Engineers R&D conference  
September 06, 2007
Headlining the opening session of the SPE's first R&D conference, Dean Yannis "Yortsos [challenged] the audience to consider some of the major issues that may hinder innovation, 'namely the shortage of technical people, negative public perceptions of the E&P sector, and the challenge of producing the next trillion while transforming the industry into a leader of clean power initiatives'"
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August 29, 2007
The Viterbi school's much-honored William E. Leonard professor was in the Ural mountain region headlining a symposium on materials science innovation and commercialization with his photo on the front page the local paper paying tribute to the event's organizer, Professor Ruslan Valiyev, "a personality who is showing himself a leader." [Russian language pdf]
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Viterbi School Rated Seventh in U.S. News & World Report Rankings  
April 02, 2007
The USC Viterbi School of Engineering climbed to seventh place among the best public and private engineering schools in the nation in this year's U.S. News & World Report guide to "America's Best Graduate Schools."
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Little Big Science: Nanotechnology Zeros in on Cancer  
February 06, 2007
A Trojan Family magazine feature spotlights USC interdisciplinary research developing ultrasmall devices and specialized materials to fight diseases, describing collaborations by the Viterbi School's Chongwu Zhou, Aristides Requicha, Anupam Madhukar, and also Ted Lee's pathbreaking Mork family Department class in 'nano-blacksmithing.'
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Ted Berger's Brain Chips Featured in February issue of Scientific American  
January 18, 2007
If successful, the biomedical team would be significantly closer to designing a brain implant that could improve or restore people's memory.
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The Bacteria Whisperers  
November 27, 2006
"An amazing metal-munching microbe holds out big hopes for an interdisciplinary team of USC scientists in hot pursuit of a cold alternative energy source." The team includes the Viterbi School's Florian Mansfeld, Paul Ronney, Hai Wang and grad student Esra Kus.
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Alice Gast, USC Chemical Engineering Alumni, named president of Lehigh U.  
May 09, 2006
Alice P. Gast (B.S. Chemical Engineering at USC in 1980), has been appointed president of Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA. Congratulations to her.
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NBC Nightly News Gets Viterbi School Perspective on Tech Talent from Abroad  
March 30, 2006
"USC's Viterbi School of Engineering, named for an Italian immigrant," was the scene of the report, which included an interview with Yannis Yortsos, "its dean, who hails from Greece. 'A lot of students who come here get educated and then start a startup company and they're very, very successful.'" Grad student Amit Desai was also quoted.
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Ultra High Viterbi Research Performance on Ultra Fine Grain Metals  
March 27, 2006
When a best-presentations winners envelope was opened at the annual meeting of the Minerals, Metals and Materials Society (TMS) in San Antonio, researchers from USC Viterbi School Prof. Terry Langdon's group had taken the top two honors in their category.
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Centennial Celebration Lectures  
January 26, 2006
Professors Lynn Orr and Paul Hansma presented the Centennial Celebration lectures for Department on January 26, 2006 at the Gerontology Auditorium.
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USC Viterbi School Centennial Lectures  
January 09, 2006
The Viterbi School's celebration of 100 years of engineering at USC continues as departments host a series of distinguished lectures during the Spring Semester.
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Energy Entrepreneur John Mork and Family Announce a Generous Gift to Name Department  
September 16, 2005
Energy entrepreneur John Mork and his family have given $15 million to the University of Southern California’s Viterbi School of Engineering to name the newly merged Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, which includes petroleum engineering, the program from which Mork received his degree in 1970.
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 USC Supercomputer Simulations Probe the Basis of Brittleness  
August 08, 2005
August 08, 2005 — POINT OF IMPACT: Indenter drives down into silicon carbide ceramic in an 18.7 million atom simulation created by supercomputers at the USC Collaboratory for Advanced Computing and Simulations Ceramics are both hard and brittle. Now supercomputer modeling of the activity of millions of individual atoms in a ceramic hints that it may be possible to get rid of some of the brittleness.
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