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Professor Langdon Received the 2008 Blaise Pascal Medal in Material Science

November 13, 2008 —
Professor Langdon and his wife, Mady, shortly after the ceremony
in the Palais des Academies in Brussels. They are pictured under
the portrait of Empress Maria Theresia of Austria who was the
founder of the first Academy of Science in Belgium.
Mork Family Department Professor Langdon attended the General Assembly of the European Academy of Sciences last week in Brussels. He received the 2008 Blaise Pascal Medal in Material Science. In recognition of his outstanding achievements and pioneering research in the processing of ultrafine-grained metals by severe plastic deformation and for fundamental investigations into the properties of materials processed by equal-channel angular pressing and, more recently, high-pressure torsion.  Currently, Prof. Langdon has published more than 500 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals with more than 300 different co-authors.  His publications have received over 14,000 citations.
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