Alumni and Graduates Honored at Mork Family Department Awards Celebration

July 22, 2022

The Mork Family Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science recently celebrated alumni and student achievements at the 2022 MFD Distinguished Alumni & Graduates Awards. Held virtually on July 6, the 2022 award recipients were as follows:

Distinguished Alumni Award

Dr. Ray Ambrose
Chief Executive Officer of Elk Petroleum

Dr. Tayfun Babadagli
Professor of Petroleum Engineering
NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Unconventional Oil Recovery
University of Alberta

MFD Early Career Award

Dr. Leonardo Velasco-Estrada
Assistant Professor at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia sede de la Paz

Dr. Hyun-Tae Hwang
Associate Professor at the University of Kentucky

Dr. Shanyuan Niu
Assistant Professor at Nanjing University

MFD Outstanding Student Awards

Lyman L. Handy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Petroleum Engineering
Darby Warburton

Charles J. Rebert Chemical Engineering Outstanding Student Award
Stephen Jon Quiton

Charles J. Rebert Chemical Engineering Outstanding Service Award
Katarina Stanley

Ronald G. Minet Award for Best Design Project
Gustavo Lanser, Grace Park, Aamani Ponnekanti, Anna Rogers, Katarina Stanley, Elana Wadhwani

MFD Masters-Outstanding GPA Award

Kanwal Gupta – Petroleum Engineering
Litao Shen – Chemical Engineering
Zhiang Li – Chemical Engineering
Zhe Duan – Materials Engineering
Deming Yin – Materials Engineering
Changyu Yang – Materials Science

MFD PhD Awards

Best Teaching Assistant Jenny Wang Award
Ricki Chairil

MFD Nominee for Best Dissertation Award
Yu Wang- Materials Science

Published on July 22nd, 2022

Last updated on September 13th, 2022