Core Faculty

Fred Aminzadeh, Ph.D.
Research Professor

Induced seismicity, seismic attributes inversion,  AVO, reservoir characterization, reserves evaluation, passive and 4D seismic, fractured reservoirs, unconventional fields, CO2 sequestration

Andrea Armani, Ph.D.
Fluor Early Career Chair
Ray Irani Chair of Chemical Engineering & Materials Science

Synthesis of optically active and functional nanomaterials; fabrication of integrated photonics devices; biological and chemical sensor platforms for disease diagnostics and prognostics

Paulo Branicio, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Atomistic and nanoscale modeling, shock loading, nano plasticity, nano-structured materials, metallic glasses, nanoglasses, high strength ceramics, polymers, phase change materials

Jincai Chang, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of  Engineering Practice

Reservoir simulation, optimization and strategic planning for the development of large-scale oil and gas fields, as well as storage facilities.

Daniel Dapkus, Ph.D.
W.M. Keck Professor of Engineering
Chair of Electrical Engineering - Electrophysics

Photonics, MOCVD & III-V materials vertical cavity surface emitting lasers, novel photonic devices

Iraj Ershaghi, Ph.D.
Omar B. Milligan Professor
Director of Petroleum Engineering
Executive Director of CiSoft
Executive Director of UKC

Integrated reservoir characterization,fractured reservoirs, unconventional resources, well test analysis, EOR  and IOR methods and smart oilfield technologies

Edward Goo, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Investigation of phase transformation and crystal defects by transmission electron microscopy, deformation twinning in intermetallics, cation ordering in complex perovskites, cathode materials for Li-ion batteries

Nicholas Graham, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Systems biology; bioengineering; data-driven modeling; cancer diagnostics and therapy; proteomics; metabolomics; mass spectrometry

Lessa Grunenfelder, Ph.D.

Engineering education and active learning techniques. Out-of-autoclave manufacturing of carbon fiber composites; defect control, processing efficiency, and next -generation prepregs

Malancha Gupta, Ph.D.
Jack Munushian Early Career Chair
Associate Professor

Functional polymer films and coatings, chemical vapor deposition, surface modification and patterning, biologically-inspired nanomaterials, composites, and hydrogels, low-cost microfluidic devices

Andrea Hodge, Ph.D.
Philip and Cayley MacDonald Early Career Chair

Nanocrystalline materials processing, thin and thick film coatings, multilayers synthesis, corrosion, biomaterials, nanomechanics,  hierarchical materials processing, grain boundary engineering

Behnam Jafarpour, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Spatial statistics, stochastic processes, sparse representations and learning techniques, inverse modeling and uncertainty quantification, stochastic optimization, model-predictive control

Kristian Jessen, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Flow and transport in porous media, phase behavior and transport properties of non-ideal mixtures, CO2 sequestration, saline aquifers and coal beds, high order accurate numerical schemes, hyperbolic conservation equations, compositional modeling and simulation

Birendra Jha, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Geomechanics, human-induced seismicity, hydraulic fracturing, multiphase flow through porous media, viscous fingering, geothermal energy

Rajiv Kalia, Ph.D.
Professor of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, Physics, and Computer Science

Bio-inspired paradigms for information processing, information processing & nanostructure-inspired applications in life sciences & bio-technologies

Michael Kassner, Ph.D.
Interim Chair, Chemical Engineering & Materials Science
Professor of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering and of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
Choong Hoon Cho Chair

Metal plasticity theory, creep, fracture, phase diagrams, fatigue, and semi-solid forming

C. Ted Lee, Jr., Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Photoresponsive surfactants in biological and nanoscale processes, photocontrolled enzymes, pre-amyloid oligomers, cataionic vesicles

Anupam Madhukar, Ph.D.
Kenneth T. Norris Professor of Engineering
Professor of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, Physics, and Biomedical Engineering
Director, Nanostructure Materials & Devices Laboratory
Director, USC Center for Neural Engineering

Nanostructure synthesis and structural, optical, & electrical examination, self-organized nanostructures for radiation detection, solar energy conversion, abiotic-biotic interfacial phenomena, neuronal cell actuation, live-cell imaging

Noah Malmstadt, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering & Materials Science, Biomedical Engineering,
and Chemistry

Bottom-up synthetic biology, cell membrane biophysics, drug discovery platforms, microfluidics, green chemistry, and nanomanufacturing

Steven R. Nutt, Ph. D.
M.C. Gill Professor
Director, Gill Composites Center

Processing of fiber-reinforced composites; in situ process diagnostics to understand resin flow, air removal, compaction, cure; prepregs and liquid molding; process modeling; high-temperature composites

Si-Zhao "Joe" Qin, Ph.D.
Professor, Chemical Engineering

Process data analytics, process control, machine learning, industrial big data technology, smart manufacturing for various industrial problems

Jayakanth Ravichandran, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Materials Science

Synthesis and characterization of complex materials, thin film science and technology, transport (electrical, thermal) and optical properties of materials

Richard Roberts, Ph.D.
Professor of Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, and Biology

Peptide and protein design using in vitro selection experiments, mRNA display, unnatural mRNA display libraries

Shaama M. Sharada, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Quantum chemistry tools for in silico chemistry and catalysis

Muhammad Sahimi, Ph.D.
N.I.O.C. Chair in Petroleum Engineering
Professor of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

Small-scale porous media and materials, nanostructured materials, biological molecules in confined media, large-scale porous media, fractured porous media

Katherine Shing, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

Classical and statistical thermodynamics, computer simulation, fluid phase equilibria

Theodore Tsotsis, Ph.D.
Robert E. Vivian Chair in Energy Resources and Professor of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

Reaction engineering, membrane separation processes, transport and reaction in membranes and catalysts, high temperature reactions, environmental reaction engineering

Priya Vashishta, Ph.D.
Dean's Professor in Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

Bio-inspired paradigms for information processing, information processing & nanostructure-inspired applications in life science & biotechnologies

Pin Wang, Ph.D.
Zohrab A. Kaprielian Fellow and Professor of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

Engineering viral vectors for targeted gene delivery, dendritic cell-directed vaccine, bionanotechnology

Jongseung Yoon, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

Micro/nanostructured inorganic materials, energy harvesting, electronics, optoelectronics, sensor technologies, 3D heterogeneous integration of dissimilar materials for large area, flexible devices, nanolithography, nanophotonic device fabrication

Yannis C. Yortsos, Ph.D.
Zohrah A. Kaprielian Dean's Chair in Engineering
Chester Dolley Professor

Fluid flow, transport, and reaction in porous media, viscous flows in porous media geometries, phase change in porous media, applications to the recovery of subsurface fluids (oil recovery, a soil remediation)

Robert E. Young, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Engineering Practice

Process Safety including Inherently Safer Systems and Hazard/Layers of Protection Analysis; Process/Plant Design including Sustainability; Process Control/Optimization; Chemical Engineering Education