Student Research Celebrated at Annual Student Symposium

March 18, 2020
Symposium winners and judges

Winners and judges from the 2020 Mork Family Department Student Symposium, L-R: Scott McGurk (Judge), Shahram Farhadi (Judge), Jalal Torabzadeh (Judge), Brandon Chew, Kareesa Kron, Nicholas Hartel, Suyue Yuan, James Joly, Christine Cheng, Tom Orvis, Sathyanaraya Raghavachary (Judge), Shannon Klaus (Judge).

Students, faculty and staff filled the Doheny Memorial Library on March 3 as the Mork Family Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science presented its 14th annual Student Symposium.

The event featured 10 graduate talks and 28 poster presentations from the department’s graduate and undergraduate students.

Tom Orvis took out top honors for Best Oral Presentation for his talk “In Situ and Real Time Elemental Analysis During Complex Oxide Thin Film Growth.”  Christine Cheng and James Joly received honorable mentions.

Best Graduate Poster prizes were awarded to Nicholas Hartel, Suyue Yuan and Kareesa Kron, while Brandon Chew was recognized for Best Undergraduate Poster.

Judges for the event included Jalal Torabzadeh (California State University, Long Beach), Sathyanaraya Raghavachary (USC Viterbi Department of Computer Science), Scott McGurk (California Department of Conservation), Shannon Klaus (Rivian) and Shahram Farhadi (Beyond AI).

Published on March 18th, 2020

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