Petroleum Engineering Ph.D. Program

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Petroleum Engineering

The course work, examinations, research and dissertation necessary to fulfill the requirements for the Ph.D. in Petroleum Engineering are prescribed by the Petroleum Engineering Program, the

The Ph.D. in Petroleum Engineering require 60 units of course work (academic or research) beyond the Bachelor’s degree, a Screening Examination, a Qualifying Examination, an original investigation (research), a written dissertation, and a final oral dissertation examination.

Course units
PTE: 507 Engineering and Economic Evaluation of Sub surface Reservoirs 3
PTE 508: Numerical Simulation of subsurface flow and transport Processes 3
PTE 517: Testing Wells and Aquifiers 3
PTE 531: Enhanced Oil Recovery 3
PTE 555: Well Completion, Stimulation and Damage Control 3
PTE 582: fluid Flow and Transport Processes in Porous Media 3
PTE 794: Doctoral Dissertation 8
Electives 34
Total 60

Detailed descriptions of each of these courses can be located in the Course Catalog.

A student is officially admitted to candidacy for the Ph.D. degree if the student has successfully: (a) passed the Screening Examination, (b) completed a minimum of 24 units, (c) passed the D.Q.E.

Screening Exam

A Screening Examination is used to evaluate the student’s potential early in the program. The Screening Examination is an important component of the Ph.D. degree and the passing of this examination is a prerequisite to continuation in the doctoral program. This examination is a written examination of basic undergraduate/first year graduate petroleum engineering and it is intended to test the knowledge of the students in fundamentals of petroleum engineering.¬† The examination is given only once a year in May. The Department requires all full time students entering in the Fall to take the exam the following Spring. The Ph.D. Screening Examination may be taken only once; students failing the examination cannot continue to the Ph.D. degree.

Qualifying Exam

The qualifying examination is used to evaluate the student’s achievements as a graduate student and to determine the qualifications for Ph.D. candidacy. The examination is to be taken prior to the end of the third academic year.The Ph.D. is administered by the Graduate School and certain procedures must be followed to ensure fulfilling all requirements.

More information about the Screening Exam and the Qualifying Exam is available in the MFD Ph.D. Student Handbook.