Jiefei Zhang

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Research Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science


  • 2017, Doctoral Degree, Physics, University of Southern California
  • 2011, Bachelor's Degree, Applied Physics


Dr. Jiefei Zhang is a Research Assistant Professor at University of Southern California whose interests and efforts are focused on Quantum Photonics--the emerging field of generating and harnessing single and multiple photon quantum states to sense, transmit, and manipulate quantum information for, respectively, imaging with resolution beyond the classical limit, communication over long distances with little distortion, and processing / computing.

Jiefei Zhang received her B.A. with honors in Applied Physics from Tongji University (China) and her Ph.D in Physics from the University of Southern California. Her PhD dissertation introduced a new class of semiconductor quantum dot based single photon sources that form in pre-determined spatially regular arrays and are of high spectral uniformity. Such single quantum dot arrays provide the critically sought pathway to scalable on-chip integration of single photon sources to create quantum optical circuits for quantum information science. To maintain the momentum, she stayed on as Postdoc Research Scholar and further pushed this new class of quantum dot single photon sources on demonstrate unprecedented emission uniformity of <2nm over 1000μm2 arrays with >99.5% single photon emission purity. Having demonstrated the first platform of single photon source arrays suitable for integration with on-chip light manipulation structures necessary for controlled generation, interference, and entanglement of photons that underpin quantum optical circuits, she is continuing as Research Assistant Professor to pursue judiciously chosen next steps towards realizing quantum photonic circuits. Dr. Zhang is a member of American Physical Society and Materials Research Society.

Research Summary

Realizing solid-state on-chip quantum information processing (QIP) systems that can meet the exponentially growing societal needs in secure communication, super-resolution imaging (metrology) at the quantum limit, information sensing and processing, and computing by exploiting the laws of quantum physics is at the heart of the development of quantum technologies. Dr. Zhang's research focuses on the role of the first identified quantum particle--photon--and its interaction with matter quantum particles such as electrons when generated in controlled single and multiple photon quantum states. Exploring this terra incognita requires multidisciplinary approach to (1) explore quantum optical behaviors of zero-dimensional quantum structures (engineered quantum dots and defects) in 3D and 2D emerging quantum materials; (2) integrate such quantum emitters with emitted photon manipulating platform such as the 2D photonic crystal based single photon and topological photon states to (3) realize controlled generation of high purity single photons and multiphoton entangled states that are robust against environment induced dephasing. Realizing objectives of such scope is clearly a collaborative enterprise and is so planned. The on-going research project integrates quantum physics, quantum dot synthesis, quantum optical characterization, and design, fabrication, and examination of a minimal nontrivial on-chip system with a focus largely on demonstration of controlled quantum interference between two quantum emitters, a key basis for quantum information.

  • Mork Family Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

  • VHE 506
  • Vivian Hall of Engineering
  • 3651 Watt Way, Los Angeles, CA 90089
  • USC Mail Code: 0241

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  • (213) 740-4325
  • jiefeizh@usc.edu


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