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  • 09/25 - 12:45 PM-02:00 PM

    Distinguished Lecture: Haiyan Wang (Texas A&M) Speaker: Haiyan Wang, Texas A&M ECE Talk Title: Nanoengineering and Integration of Materials with Unique Functionalities - Research Findings and...

    ZHS 159
  • 10/23 - 12:45 PM-02:00 PM

    Distinguished Lectures: Karsen Thompson (LSU) Speaker: Karsen Thompson, Louisiana State University, Petroleum Engineering Talk Title: Using Image-based pore-scale modeling in reservoir simulation Series: Distinguished Lectures Abstract: TBA Host:...

    ZHS 159
  • 11/06 - 12:45 PM-02:00 PM

    Lyman L. Handy Colloquia: Sadasivan Shankar (Harvard IACS) Speaker: Sadasivan Shankar, Harvard IACS, Intel Corp. Talk Title: Materials 3.0: Nanomaterials and the Next Revolution in Materials Series: Lyman L....

    ZHS 159
  • 11/20 - 12:45 PM-02:00 PM

    Distinguished Lecture: Paul Debevec (U. Illinois) Speaker: Paul Debevec, Professor Emeritus, U. Illinois Dept. of Physics Talk Title: Understanding the Energy Challenge: Science, Technology, Economics and...

    ZHS 159
  • 01/22 - 12:45 PM-02:00 PM

    Distinguished Lecture: Christopher Voigt (MIT) Speaker: Christopher Voigt, MIT Dept. of Biological Engineering Talk Title: TBA Abstract: TBA Host: Prof. Wang

    ZHS 159
  • 02/19 - 12:45 PM-02:00 PM

    Distinguished Lecture: Colin Wolden (Colorado School of Mines) Speaker: Colin Wolden, Colorado School of Mines, Dept. of Chemical & Biological Engineering Talk Title: Interface Engineering of Advanced Contacts...

    ZHS 159

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  • USCMork

    Please join us for a retirement ceremony honoring Professor Chang, to be held May 6th. RSVP by April 25th! http://t.co/It7xmZbtRm

    04/15 via Twitter
  • USCMork

    USC's new microscope can image objects (even live cells) in 3D at the nanometer scale, & is one of just 58 worldwide. http://t.co/E1WHax3sX1

    04/02 via Twitter
  • USCMork

    At @USC this week: 2014 Cornelius Pings Lecture with Kristi Anseth from UC Boulder, on "Engineering Hydrogels..." https://t.co/Z1xQy3sTZs

    02/06 via Twitter
  • USCMork

    This Thursday, an MFD Distinguished Lecture! Prof. Steven George on Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Film Fabrication: https://t.co/ggRxN1cCBN

    02/02 via Twitter
  • USCMork

    This Thursday, an MFD Distinguished Lecture! Darrell Irvine on "Engineering Immunity via Hitchhiking Therapeutics" https://t.co/l77JZPmB6k

    01/21 via Twitter
  • USCMork

    Congratulations to the M.C.Gill Composites Center i-Diploma Team for being awarded the #USC Diploma in Innovation! http://t.co/I4AXLmSK2F

    12/05 via Twitter